I like to get things done EVERYDAY! Making the switch back to iOS has made my life drama free. I know this sounds so ridiculous because this is a phone we are talking about, but we use our phones 24 hours, 7 days a week..well most of us! I love android devices, don’t get me wrong but there are too many of them to keep up with. I once only bought Samsung, and slowly realized how horrible their software is. I think the best android phone I have used is the pixel. I loved the phone, but slowly realized that its an iphone on android software. Why not just go back to the iphone then?

Now I can’t waste hours of my day trying to find a new icon pack, or new backgrounds to match those new icons. I always felt the need to “change” the way my android device looked. Now that I have accepted the fact that I can’t change icons, can’t change my text message bubble colors, and can’t change the way my home screens look…I am at peace without the constant tinkering.

Not to mention, I worked out this morning streaming music on my bluetooth beats that were connected to my iphone and only used 2% battery in my 1 hour workout. Try and get that end result on ANY android device. Battery management, imessage, and facetime are the sole reasons I will not part with ios. MY entire family minus two people use iphones. Sending videos of my son directly through imessage is so convenient.

It’s nice just being able to use the phone without having to worry about all that stuff.

When I was major into Android back in 2010-2012 I had a Galaxy Nexus and I literally was flashing a new rom and kernel each week trying to find that sweet spot for battery life it got exhausting so when I came back to iOS with the iPhone 5 it was a breath of fresh air and I haven’t looked back since.

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