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The iPhone 7 with 15GB package RED € 15.
While Samsung stops production of its Galaxy Note 7 because of explosive batteries, Apple took advantage of the bad pub manufacturer Samsung to sell more iPhone 7 . This high-end smartphone from Apple is offered at € 738.99 with a package no time commitment for the operator RED by SFR. And until 24 October, this operator also sells a perfect package to make the most of the iPhone 7, there is a RED 15GB package at € 15 per month without time condition.

The iPhone 7 with RED by SFR:
The operator RED by SFR offers the iPhone 7 to € 738.99 in cash or € 9.99 in the order then € 243 a month for three months without charge. And if your choice is the iPhone 7 Plus, its price is € 888.99 in cash or € 9.99 in the order then € 293 per month for 3 months. Several colors are available in black this operator, gold, silver or pink.

To accompany your new iPhone 7, the operator RED by SFR offers a rich package in data without commitment of time and at low prices. More concretely, you can subscribe until October 24 next to RED 15GB package just 15 € per month without time condition (for life) instead of € 25.99 per month.

iPhone 7 RED by SFR
RED 15GB package at 15 € / month for LIFE in detail:
With this package RED 15GB, you can make unlimited calls to all mobiles in France, North America and overseas (excluding Mayotte) and to landlines in France and 52 destinations (calls limited to 3 hours maximum per call, cut the -delà / 200 different recipients per month). You can also send unlimited SMS and MMS 24/24 to all operators in France (limited to 200 different recipients per month).
iphone 7

15GB Package € 15
Mobile Internet game, you can surf without counting with a 15GB data envelope per month in high speed broadband (4G, 3G). Beyond your monthly 15GB, the flow is reduced until the next billing date. RED With this package, SFR WiFi and modem use are included.

And last advantage, RED 15GB package allows you to enjoy the Press SFR service. This service gives you access to a varied selection of magazines and newspapers including the Express, Libération from your smartphone.

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