Hey guys!

I really need a good idea. I replaced my screen four weeks ago and it was successfull – instead of I accidently damaged my front camera/Sensor cable. Sensor and speaker had no function anymore, only the Camera worked. Also the rest of the phone was fine.

So I ordered a new flex cable, installed it and suddenly the iPhone freaked out much. Booting needs minutes, if I clicked on an icon it needs 20 seconds until it recognizes the click and sound was not working completely. “Funny” thing: If I still opened an App all was working fast and normally as long I was inside it. Also the home screen worked fast (sliding left/right through the pages) until I did not click on a folder or app, then it freezed and needed a long time to open it.

So I removed the cable again but the issue was the same without it. With the old cable: same issue. Then I reseated the original cable several times and suddenly all was working great and the freezing was gone – instead of the speaker and sensor after I damaged both originally.

So I first though the issue was related to the new cable, I gave it back and bought a new one. And after I build that In I got the exact same issue. Slow boot, slow responses while clicking on an app… But this time I was not able to solve it somehow like I did it at the first try. I also found out the microphone and speaker (both) are not working, if I try to play something which has sound (video, music) the iPhone freaks out, crashes or shows a strange Apple Music issue. Headphones are also not detected. If I try to start a audio message in WhatsApp it also stucks at 0 seconds. But instead of that – plus some sporadic short freezes inside apps – the phone works so far.

Overall I am at the end of my ideas what the issue could be or was causes from, especially after I was able to fix it at the first repair. Did anyone had a similar issue and was able to solve it?

Many thanks!

Google Alert – “iphone 7”