Here is what has happened. I’m hoping there is still hope in me fixing this since the weekend is here and the earliest I can get a repair appointment is Monday.

I’ve been on the iOS 11 Developer Beta for about two weeks now. This morning I decided that I was going to downgrade back to iOS 10. Followed all of the instructions and in a few minutes, my device was being “updated” back to iOS 10.3.2. This is where everything went wrong.

I leave the phone and come back about 20 minutes later to see iTunes says that my phone is in recovery mode and needs to be updated or restored. I click on “Update” and it fails and says it needs to be restored. So this time I click on restore, it goes through the whole process and iTunes says that my phone has been restored and it is currently restarting. However, as soon as it restarts I get the same damn prompt again telling me I need to restore or update.

I do this about 4-5 times with no luck. So next I decide it’s time to put the device into DFU mode. Even when my phone is in DFU and I try to restore it to the most recent iOS 10 update I am getting the same problem. iPhone restarts and says I need to connect to iTunes and it’s in recovery mode.

Any suggestions? I’m going crazy trying to figure this out.

Google Alert – “iphone 7”