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This teardown is not a repair guide. To repair your iPhone 7 Plus, use our service manual.

Image 1/1: Undo 2 pentalobe screws at the bottom side like always.

  • Use a suction cup to open a gap between the rear housing assembly and screen assembly.

  • When the small gap is generated, use a plastic spudger to insert to the gap and cut the adhesives around the screen edges.

  • Undo 3 tri-point screws holding the front camera with sensor flex cable connector metal cover.

  • Remove the metal cover and disconnect the connector underneath.

  • Undo 4 tri-point screws holding the screen connector and then remove the metal cover.

  • Undo screws holding the home button flex cable.

  • Disconnect the home button flex cable connector.

  • Remove home button flex cable now.

  • Undo 2 screws here and remove this metal cover.

  • Then you can release all these connectors for battery,antenna assembly flex cable and dual-rear camera.

Image 1/2: By the way, you can take out the SIM card tray here.Image 2/2: By the way, you can take out the SIM card tray here.

  • Disconnect the charging port flex cable connector, signal cable connector and battery connector.

  • By the way, you can take out the SIM card tray here.

  • Insert wisdom here.

  • Undo all the screws which securing the volume& power button flex cable ribbon.

  • There are adhesives underneath the flex cable, you can apply some heat to the flex cable if you like.

  • After loosen the adhesives, remove the side button flex cable gently.

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