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Should I buy an iPhone 7 or a professional camera? Why?

Depends on your needs.

If you don’t use the camera every now and then and just use it for casual photography in certain places to share in facebook, social networks, etc then you will be better off with iPhone 7. The only drawback of the iPhone 7 camera is that it isn’t good at low-light photography.

However if you are looking to learn photography or want to experiment with photos then go with DSLR; most DSLRs sold are very capable and should be good for most. DSLRs come with the added weight and I hope you wouldn’t mind carrying a weight of around 3 to 4 pounds everywhere you go.

Remember a camera is good at photography as the person using it.

Both are widely different, so it depends on your usage. The iPhone 7 does take very nice photos, don’t get me wrong – but by not buying a decent DSLR or mirrorless camera you’re a missing out on a few things. Perhaps the most important problem is the lack of different lenses. Apple has been wildly promoting the new “portrait” feature on the new iPhone, which unfortunately I haven’t had the pleasure of trying yet but it would be safe to assume that real low-aperture lenses are probably better at the bokeh/portrait effect.
But what if you don’t care about bokeh or very pretty high resolution photos that can be taken in the middle of the night and look great with plenty of customisation options? Then sure, go with the iPhone. It can take some very pretty photos as I’m sure you’ve seen, but if you really care about the quality and “personality” of your craft, go with a “professional” camera. But do remember the camera isn’t everything – the shots you take matter, and both are very capable.

You should buy the iPhone 7. You have more functionality and it is the same quality, if not better, than a proffesional camera.

I think iPhone7 plus or 6s plus is a better choice. The small screen iPhone is out-of-date now.

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