If you currently own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and are wondering whether you should switch to refurbished iPhone 7 Plus, we can see where the confusion is coming from. The Samsung mobile phones are rather competitive, and many of their features go head-to-head with each other.

However, the switch that we are talking about here is bigger; it is not merely from one model to another, but from one company – Samsung – to its competitor – Apple. The question is, should you make this shift? Why and why not should you invest in the refurbished iPhone 7 Plus over Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge?

Comparable Features – Galaxy S6 Edge vs. Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus

If we are to talk about the features of the iPhone 7 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, we can safely say that there are advantages and disadvantages to both, and there are several areas where one phone trumps the other. If you are looking for an iPhone 7 Plus for sale, you should know that there definitely are features where the iPhone gives the Galaxy S6 serious competition.

The batteries of both phones, for example, are similar, with the iPhone 7 Plus at 2,900 mAh and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at 3,000 mAh. The phones also come with the same internal storage of 32 GB. Their screen size is also similar, with iPhone 7 Plus at 5.5 inches and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at 5.7 inches.

As for the camera, the iPhone has a 12MP camera while the Samsung has a 16MP, but the iPhone larger front camera – 7MP compared to 5MP, does give it an advantage, especially for those who are keen on taking selfies.

If you are looking for an iPhone 7 Plus for sale, you can definitely be assured that the phone is often considered faster than the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Compared to the latter, it is also water resistant as well as Full HD. Another advantage is comes with is the increased colour choice; where you can buy the Samsung in Gold and Silver only, the iPhone 7 Plus comes in five different colours.

Why Switch Galaxy S6 Edge to Refurbished iPhone 7 Plus?

We have to admit that much of the switch comes not from the features, but from switching the company and the operating software, which comes with its own perks. By getting your hands on an iPhone 7 Plus for sale, you will have advantages offered solely by iPhones, some being iMessage, Find My Phone, and Find My Friends.

It is perhaps these features that make iPhone users loyal and make it impossible for them to switch to another manufacturer once they’ve used an iPhone. If you do want to use an iPhone 7 Plus as your next phone, we can definitely tell you that you will fall in love with the cheap Phone, despite some common complain that Apple users have, some being storage and fragile screens. And, who knows, you might be the next loyal iPhone user!

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