I purchased a new iphone 7 with the innercircle plan

The phone is locked to Virgin

I am planning on traveling to Asia on July 20th So i called and asked if the phone can be unlocked.

I was informed by the representative on phone that i can unlcok the phone only after 14 days and if i unlock the phone my inner circle plan with be automatically cancelled.

I was also told that if i want to keep my plan my phone cannot be unlocked for 12 months

Please clarify if this is true and when i can unlock my phone

Also during my absence i would like to transfer my sim card from Virgin to another phone (Iphone 6 which is unlocked) and leave it with someone here in USA so i do not miss any important calls

Please advise if this can be done

Thank you

Mehul Doshi

Google Alert – “iphone 7”