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samsung, samsung galaxy note 7, note 7 iris scanner, grace ux interface, iris scanner, Galaxy note 7 leak Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner is a given, claim new leaked images.  (Image source: Evan Blass)

Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have confirmed rumours the phone will feature an iris scanner in addition to a fingerprint scanner. The screenshots were shared with Android Authority, and showed Samsung’s new Grace UX interface. There is a new option in the “lock screen” settings in security, below the Fingerprints called Irises, where users can set this up.

According to the leaks, a user has to hold the device 25-35 cms away from his/her face and position the eyes in the circles as shown on the screen.

Samsung’s disclaimer for the iris scanner, that was leaked with other images, shows a long list of when the scanner might not detect your irises. This is especially bad news for people who wear spectacles or contact lenses. Among other things, there are a few cases when the scanner might not detect a users irises; if irises are hidden by puffy or narrowed eyes or you hold the phone lower than your face (which kind of seems obvious), too much shaking of the phone, iris scanner is covered with a screen protector or a user had LASIK surgery, after they’ve set up the feature on the phone.

Other leaked images of the phone show details of the S Pen Air Command menu. While retaining familiar features like S Note, Screen Write, Action Memo and Start Select from the previous generation Note phone, the new phone will feature a new option called Glance. A user will also be able to create GIF’s, and record sections of the screen.

An additional feature in the app drawer will arrange all of the apps alphabetically by default. The stock app icons like messages, calendar, clock and dialer have also been changed.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is expected to feature a dual-edge display, just like the Samsung S7 edge and the company has already confirmed an August 2 launch date for the phone. The South-Korean firm also confirmed Galaxy Note 7 as the name, skipping number 6 in the series, to keep the new Note’s number series in line with the premium Galaxy S7, S7 edge, which makes more marketing sense for the company.

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According to leaks, Galaxy Note 7 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor in the US, and Exynos chipset elsewhere, will have a 5.7-inch Quad HD display and 4GB RAM. The camera is expected to be the same 12 mp camera with Dual Pixel technology seen in the Galaxy S7, S7 edge.

Samsung is expected to boost Galaxy Note 7’s battery to 4,000mAh, from the 3000 mAh one see in the Galaxy Note 5.

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