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There is a progressing talk about the cancelation of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8’s launching. This comes with a rumor of the pulling out of Samsung’ battery provider because of the Galaxy Note 7 disaster.

The Galaxy Note 7 disaster has put an excessive amount of attention to Samsung as well as to its in-house battery provider, SDI. As indicated by Digital Trends, SDI is likely facing the brunt that came about because of Galaxy Note 7 disaster and the organization has fears of having a bad reputation among its present and potential customers.

Likewise, the subject of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion has made SDI lose a fifth of its subsidiary – along these lines, sending the company into the stones with regards to incomes. Hence, SDI has second thoughts and inquiries of pulling out from Samsung’s next launches.

SDI is a startup which is still getting used to the trends of the market. It has indicated of pulling back from providing batteries to Samsung because of its uncertainty in supporting the developing demands of the South Korean tech giant. Therefore, this brings light to the question if the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 will be delayed in their launching.

In this way, no announcement has yet been put out by Samsung on the cancelation of the 2017 release of its flagships.

Then again, notwithstanding the on-going brunt created by Galaxy Note 7, Samsung guarantees that the batteries introduced in their present and saleable Galaxy S7 handsets are efficient and safe to use. The tech company also mentioned the subject in which Samsung users said that they were worried after the explosion took place on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.


So, if SDI decided to put a hold on the supply of batteries for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Sam Galaxy Note 8, along with the other future device, Samsung may take some time to deal with other manufacturers, which could further delay the production and sales of these two devices.


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