Would you be using facial recognition on your Galaxy S8? Both the smartphones have given up the physical “Home” button, and it is going to be really hard to determine any difference between these two smartphones’ display.

But battery capacity isn’t increasing, despite the larger sizes, meaning more breathing room for the battery.

Note 7 debacle still haunts many, including me! Though many customers remain loyal, any further misstep could prove fatal. Here are five reasons why you may hold off upgrading to the new phone. As for other carriers, you’ll need to pay $ 750 for the S8 and $ 850 for the S8 Plus. Fans of the unlocked Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge had to wait until June 2016 in order for them to get their hands on this model, but it might get even better for this year’s S8 and S8 Plus, especially now that the phone has already been certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Unfortunately, it also requires you to throw yourself into the Samsung ecosystem: only 10 Samsung apps are supported at launch.

If Samsung didn’t manage to win over with the bezel-less Galaxy S8, there is a wide range of alternatives out there that might suite your needs.

The S8 phone’s display measures 5.8 inches diagonally, compared with 5.1 inches on the S7. Samsung is getting rid of the “Edge” distinction and bringing curved sides to all S8 phones. You will only get fingerprint sensor in Samsung Galaxy S7. It enlarged the screen by minimizing the frame, or bezel, surrounding the display; gone is a horizontal strip with the home button at the bottom.

PERSISTENT PHONE RELEASER AND SOMETIMES FIRESTARTER, Samsung should print out a notice that says “it never rains but it pours”, because this week someone has worked out that the fancy new Galaxy S8 has facial recognition security that can be swindled by a selfie. The main flaw of Samsung smartphones are the slow software updates. When viewing a photo, just say “send this to Bob” to pull up messaging options and contact information for the Bobs you know. Bixby is built into the notification feed, the voice assistant (in the U.S. and Korea only, for now), and even the camera, with a dedicated button on the phone for launching it. Currently, the app is not available on any other Samsung devices and the company has no plans of doing so in near future.

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