SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox becomes even safer thanks to new features

BlackBerry and Samsung have closely been cooperating for years now. BlackBerry is the company behind the security features Samsung users might know under the SecuSUITE moniker. This is part of the Samsung Know platform which aims to ensure a high grade of security for all Samsung device owners. Even though the platform was already quite effective, BlackBerry now adds two more features to the platform which will make it even safer. Samsung users can, from now on, benefit from both the SecuVOICE and the BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform. BlackBerry didn’t only add these new features, it also expanded the lineup of Galaxy handsets that now support the security solution.

The SecuVOICE might be a new feature for SecuSUITE users, however, it has been around for several years now. To be more exact, it is the encryption technology the German Federal Administration was using to secure its phone calls. The BlackBerry UEM, the other new feature, allows customers to more easily manage their enterprise devices. Both features further increase the security level ensured by  SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. With this solution, not only phone calls, but other data transfers are completely safe. Of course, regular users would probably have no use for this technology. Enterprise users, on the other hand, can truly benefit from SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. Especially now that it brings along the new features too.

BlackBerry also added some new devices to the lineup of the one supporting SecuSUITE for Samsung Knox. The list now includes the Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, and, naturally, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Besides these smartphones, the SecuSUITE is now also available for Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Galaxy Tab S3 tablets. BlackBerry may not shine that bright anymore as a smartphone manufacturer, however, it does impress when it comes to security features. SecuSUITE secures phone calls, emails, and it even addresses problems regarding mobile apps. With this platform, users will never have to worry again about severe data breaches.

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